Day of Wedding Coordination

Day Of Wedding Coordination
You have spent your time and effort planning the biggest and best day of your life so why should you worry about dealing with headaches and making sure it all unfolds without any bumps or issues throughout the day. Let us deal with the headaches, bumps and mishaps with you never knowing. We will make sure every vendor is called prior to arrival, make sure that every detail that you planned is executed to your specific wants and we will make sure that all potential fires are put out before they can happen without you ever having to worry that something might not have worked out the way that you wanted it to. Let us be your eyes, ears and mouthpiece on one of the biggest days of your life.

We offer full (10 hour), partial(8 hour) and mini(5 hour) Day of Coordination package to suite any clients needs and wants. All of our packages provide 2 Day of Coordinators to ensure that you and your spouse have a helping hand for every need you may have. We are available to do anything and everything needed to make your day go off without a hitch and you keep a smile on your face at all times. We book only 1 event a day so you aren’t pressured to choose your coordination hours until our final appointment, which happens a week to a month prior to your wedding, when we create your timeline (and you see where we fit best).

Day of Coordination is a great addition to any party or event that you want to enjoy rather than worry about. Let us deal with all the logistics and vendors on your big day.

Our Full Day Of Wedding Coordination (The Elite Package-10 hours) includes some of the following services:

*Initial consultation with Elite Glamour Events representative
*Unlimited phone, email and text contact between day of contract and your event
*We will attend any two vendor appointment if you would like assistance
*Final Consultation, a week to a month, prior to your wedding to ensure that all your needs
are communicated and met (Your wedding day manual-we will guide you to write this, vendor
contact list and copies of all
your contracts are presented to an Elite Coordinator and reviewed thoroughly)
* Confirmation of your vendors during the week of your wedding
*Drop off out of town bags at the hotel if needed (These must be assembled and given 2
weeks prior to the wedding date at the final appointment)
*2 Coordinators on site for 10 hours on the day of your wedding
*Arrive to bride and bridal party the morning of the wedding to ensure timeline is met and take
care of any issues that arise throughout the preparation for the day
*Create, amend, coordinate and execute a custom timeline to ensure all major components of
your wedding happen flawlessly. (Timelines can be discussed throughout the wedding
*Coordinate and arrange bridal party for ceremony and reception entrances
*Set up and/or oversee the setup of any and all ceremony and reception décor (menus,
escort cards, programs, personalized details etc.)
*Act as communication leader to all vendors to ensure arrival, set up and timeline
*Handle and oversee any unexpected matters with vendors
*Access to our emergency kit for any unforeseen issues
*Gather family and friends for photographs
*Guidance and distribution of any final payments and gratuities to vendors (All must be in
sealed envelopes labeled for each individual person)
*Collection and transportation of all of the bride’s items throughout the day

*We know all of our clients have unique needs and wants and adjust all packages to meet them so remember if you don’t see something that you feel you need, let us know and we will add it to your package.

*The services above are a list of sample services that are included in our Day of Wedding Coordination packages. We ask our brides to create a wedding day manual (we provide a how-to document explaining it) that outlines each brides unique wants/needs and services desired on their wedding day. This includes anything you need done during pre-wedding, ceremony, reception and after wedding, diagrams and special directions to ensure that all your needs are met. The sky is the limit (within reason) and your wedding day coordination package no matter if it is a full, partial or mini day is customized to include all the services that you desire.

**We understand the importance of a budget and do not charge extra for holidays, day, time of day or for the owner to be present at your wedding. Travel fees may apply according to location of your venue.

***Partial Day of Coordination (The Glamour Package-8 hours) and Mini Day of Coordination (The Fabulous Package-5 hours) are also offered. They include all of the same sample services listed above but the client will only receive 1 vendor appointment with the 8 hour package and 0 vendor appointments with the 5 hour package.