August 9, 2015

Tip- Bridal Gear “Money Saver”
So we have all seen the necessary and standard bridal gear that is worn while getting ready, at the bachelorette party or during any other times when the bride is with her bridesmaids or wants people to know that she’s “the bride”. Instead of searching and spending extra money this is a money-saving tip for that festive bridal wear. Buy your favorite color T-shirt, tank top or sweatshirt. Then put wax paper around a piece of cardboard and place it inside the chosen garment. Next take a bleaching stick and write in your most beautiful handwriting “bride” on the front and the date of your wedding on the back. You can also write other creative sayings or terminology that lets people know who you are and when you are getting married. Then wash it off with water and lastly wash and dry the shirt to really take the bleach away. Viola you have your financially savvy bridal attire.