April 5, 2015

Tip – Saying Thank you
Brides, Grooms and hosts are always in the predicament that they feel they have to have a receiving line after the ceremony or visit every table at their reception to thank their guests for coming. We understand and appreciate all the guests that attend and support our couples but also know how few extra minutes our clients have in their events to do this or even breathe. With that said, we feel what better way for the pressure to be off our clients than to create custom Thank you signs (that we can help you with) and place them throughout your event (on bars, guest tables, escort card table etc.). When you make a conscious choice to create this “thank you” signage you are saying “I know I may not get to speak to each and every one of my guests but I am so thankful to have you here. Believe me, many of your guests will understand and not think twice after seeing your thank you sign with sweet sentiment!